Democratic Senators Demand FDA Move Forward With Ban On Shocks For Students With Disabilities

Great news!

Amazing journalist Jenifer B. McKim has been following the story of the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, Massachusetts for years.

The JRE Center is the ONLY FACILITY IN THE US which gives electrocution shocks to patients in order to punish them. We are not talking about gentle therapeutic signals to help counter seizures. We are talking about, when a patient “misbehaves”, they are electrocuted hard to train them to stop. However, it’s not actually training, because the patients are electrocuted several times every single day. It is an ongoing form of torture.

This needs to stop.

Every other facility in the US has found alternatives. The JRE Center is the ONLY place in the entire US still electrocuting patients as punishment.

Please continue to share the news and to write your US senators. This is being discussed at the US government level. We need the FDA to ban devices which electroshock-punish disabled patients.

Together we can make a change.

Original news article from WGBH:

Image of clasped hands sourced from Pixabay / Anemone123

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