Epilepsy Sufferers Help Research through Brain Tissue Donations

Many autistic people also suffer from epilepsy. Epilepsy can be an enormous challenge to deal with. Often it means that person cannot drive a car, cannot hold the job they dream of, all because of a medication situation out of their control.

Yes, there are some drugs and treatments available, but clearly we need far better options for those who are challenged by epilepsy.

Some epilepsy sufferers are doing everything they can to help scientific progress along.

There are times when surgeons can identify the sub-area of the brain which is triggering the seizures. They can often safely cut it out, to end the seizures without impacting the rest of the person’s life. What some patients are offering to do is donate that brain tissue to research, so that researchers can better figure out what is mis-firing in the brain. The more that researchers can understand the challenge, the better they will be at helping others quickly and effectively handle their epilepsy.

There are also individuals with epilepsy who participate in a range of research projects to help further our scientific knowledge. Every voice matters. Every data point helps us to help those whose suffering is currently uncontrolled.

It’s absolutely critical that we all do our part – whether by volunteering for a study, donating money, or spreading the word about studies – to help those who are facing these enormous challenges in life.

Together we can make a difference.

News article reviewing this research:


DNA image sourced from Pixabay / Vic_B

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