LiKii White Noise Sound Machine

Let me first say that I’m a strong proponent of having masking sounds play when you’re trying to sleep. That masking sound shields out the random sudden sounds like cars driving by, dogs barking, etc. which can jar you out of a deep sleep. The masking sound evens out the sound landscape and helps those other sounds stay hidden. When I’m at home I always sleep with a HEPA air filter running. Not only does it keep the air allergen free, which also helps me sleep, but that continuous whirrrr lulls me right to sleep.

If I travel, it then gets tricky. Every little creak or noise wakes me up. So something like this is definitely a must-have for me.

I love that this LIKII white noise machine is small. It’s only 4 inches across. I love that it uses a USB cable that you can then plug into any normal USB power plug. It means if you lose the plug base or step on it or something you just go and get another one.

There are three main options on here. The first set are “natural noises” – you cycle through forest, ocean, stream, fetal tone, lullaby, summer night, or thunder. Of these I like the ocean best. The lullaby would bug me to no end. I’m sure we all have different preferences. The next group is fan noise. I find them all too sharp sounding. The third set is white noise. Those sound like static to me and would also bother me immensely.

So out of all of those, the only one I would listen to is the ocean – and I find it to be a very poor quality sound. It sounds like it’s coming through a tinny speaker. It actually starts to hurt my ears if I listen to it for too long, like I am right now as I’m typing this review. I had to finally turn it off.

There are auto shut-off options at 30, 60, and 90 minutes, or you can keep it running indefinitely. It’d be nice if they had more control over that, to say 15 minutes or maybe 3 hours.

There’s a volume switch. An on-off button. A headphone jack if you’d rather listen to this through headphones.

I really like the concept. But this specific unit just would not work at all for me. The sound quality is just too poor. I would need something with much better sound quality. And since my phone has access to an entire internet of sounds, which I can play through speakers that somehow are far better than this device’s speakers, I would definitely go with that option. If I were traveling without internet access, I’d download the sounds to the phone and play them that way. But I would not survive if I had to listen to the low quality of this speaker.

Ask with any questions.

LiKii Sound Machine on Amazon

Image of sound machine taken by me Lisa Shea of my own sound machine.

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