Ending GED Backpack Electrical Punishment of Autistic Patients

There is only one place in the entire US which still uses electrical zapping punishments on autistic patients. That is the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, Massachusetts. The facility created and patented this above backpack design. It is strapped onto an autistic patient. If doctors are unhappy with something the patient is doing, they zap him for up to two full seconds. Patients are zapped multiple times a day, every day.

This needs to end. Electrical punishments are not even allowed as a form of torture for war criminals, to get information out of them.

If you live in Massachusetts, this link will find you the contact information for your representative and senator. Please email both of them. The more voices raised, the better.


If you are not in Massachusetts, but live in the United States, the FDA promised in January 2019 that this backpack would be banned by the end of 2019. It is now December 2019 and no progress has been made. Here is how to find your US federal representative to contact them. They can find out why the FDA has not taken action.


Here is the list of US federal senators.


Please take ten minutes to write these people. Tell them that we have to put an END to electrically shocking autistic patients. There are many other paths toward helping patients. Electrically shocking them should not be an option, ever.

Here’s more information on this GED backpack –

The image from the patent is part of a United States government patent filing and therefore is usable under fair use.

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