Treat People With Kindness

It seems almost like a cliche statement. We should treat people with kindness. Who even thinks like that any more? People are dangerous. We should build walls. Put people in cages.

They could be a threat. Different.

And then Harry Styles comes out with:

Maybe we can find a place to feel good

And we can treat people with kindness

Find a place to feel good

Because in the end isn’t this the message? When we help each other, we help ourselves. We got help as we were going through life. We had parents. Guardians. Teachers. Supporters. No matter how we made it through life, someone helped us.

And now it’s our time.

we can treat people with kindness

It’s so true. We are only here for this one short, brief time on Earth. Think of the billions of years the Earth has been around. Mankind has only been here for the blink of an eye in comparison. And our human being life span? Barely a bit of a blink. That’s all we have. A few short decades and we’re gone. What do we leave behind?

Find a place to feel good

We should feel good because we’re helping our community. If we feel good because we hurt another person? That’s being a bully. A negative member of society. Sometimes people do that out of fear or anger. That is not something to aim toward. If we are truly happy, we want others to be happy.

And if we’re here long enough

We’ll see it’s all for us

And we’ll belong

Think about your legacy. About what will remain after you’re gone. About what you want to be known for.

Life is too short to live in fear.

Live to support others. To spread compassion.

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