Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading by Aspergers Syndrome Readers

Sometimes the strangest generalities get passed along. I’ve read on several websites that nearly all people with Asperger’s Syndrome prefer to read only non-fiction books.


Maybe they assume that most people with Asperger’s are boys, and that most boys end up reading non-fiction books about their chosen topics of interest – football, trains, knights in armor, whatever their interest happens to be.

I happen to know quite a lot of people with Asperger’s, many of them being my family and friends. They LOVE to read. Maybe I just hang out with readers? They love to read all sorts of books. Some of them love science fiction. Others adore fantasy. Some love historical novels.

Sure, some of them read non-fiction, too. One person adores biographies of famous people. Another loves stories about scientific research.

But I think the lesson here is that all people are different. We all have different interests. Our autism doesn’t define us in that way. We can have interests about all sorts of different things.

One thing I do find is that nearly every person I know with Asperger’s loves to read in general. Many spent their childhood curled up reading. It was a comforting, safe thing to do. The world could be confusing. Social networks could be challenging. A book was always safe. Especially a favorite book one loved.

But I’m sure there are also people with Asperger’s who hated to read.

It’s the full spectrum of options.

Here’s more research on what types of books like to be read by those on the Autism Asperger’s Spectrum –

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2 thoughts on “Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading by Aspergers Syndrome Readers

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  • May 21, 2021 at 5:30 am

    I had first been diagnosed with Asperger syn. when I was around like age 2 or 3, and ever since I had moving around outside the cradle, my father (or my Pops) had then started to get me into watching movies (the T.V. was practically the babysitter for me whilst he was outside working on the car), and I had watched every kind of movie from every genre that I could ever find, and ever since then, now at age 28, it has currently become my lifelong obsessive love towards movies, having grown up through childhood since my early teen years the backgrounds of filmmaking, and having learned to write stories of my own, it wasn’t until I was 16 when I had finally decided with all seriousness that I had wanted to become a filmmaker, or at least a script-writer, and ever since then I had continuously writing story scripts since then.


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