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My name is Lisa Shea. I have published over 450 books on Amazon and own and write over 30 websites. I love to write. It’s what I do. This site here, is mine. I launched it and write content for it because I have many connections to the Aspergers Autism community. Many of my family and friends are on the spectrum.

Every piece of content here is written by me.

I had a strange series of exchanges with Google where they seemed to think I am “scraping” or copying this content. Nothing is further from the truth. I’m a writer. That’s what I do. All of this content here was written by me.

There are two pieces published on this site that I also have on Quora, because I answered questions that were asked by Quora members. I am the author of those two pieces. They were written wholly and 100% by me.

Everything here is written by me from top to bottom. No ghost writers, no third -party content.

Ask with any questions!

Image of Lisa Shea taken by Bob See and used with permission.

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